6 Painless Ways to Be More Active!

26 Sep 6 Painless Ways to Be More Active!

It’s so easy these days to be less active when you’ve got the world at your fingertips. Recently, my husband, also a personal trainer, and I were deciding what to do one night and decided to order a movie on demand. As we sat down to watch it, he turned to me and said, “Remember when you had to go out to the video store to get a movie? Now it’s just a simple push of a button for anything you can dream of.”  That got us into an interesting discussion about all the ways being active and having to move have been sucked out of our lives by technology. Sure you can use technology to track your activity, but that doesn’t mean you’re get more of it!

Try these 6 painless ways to become more active!

1.See the Urge to Quit as an Opportunity

When you exercise, there will likely be a point when you don’t want to do it. For me, there was a little voice in my ear trying to convince me that there is something else I would rather be doing. But, you can conquer that voice! What you need to do is stop thinking of that moment as something you have to fight and instead recognize it as an opportunity. This is a chance to practice how to push through negative feelings and succeed.

2.Turn It Up a Notch

Honestly address where you are with activity right now. Get real about how much you’re actually doing and how often. Now, figure out how you can turn it up a notch. Not 10 notches, just one. If you’re walking, try a route that has more hills or walk a little faster. It’s that simple!

3.Try a Monitor

6 ways to move more - Liz Josfesberg

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When I started wearing an activity tracker I was fascinated by it. It was giving me really fun feedback in the form of a graph so I could see how much I was moving, or sitting!  It forced me to realize that the exercise I was getting in the morning was barley enough to bring me to where I should be in any given day.

4.Give it a Chance

Have you ever felt like the activity you’re able to do just isn’t enough so why bother? Don’t let that pesky brain get in the way of your progress! Give the activity a chance and see where it leads. By never trying, you’re ensuring you never learn anything or move forward.

5.Let It Add Up

6 Ways to be more active - Liz Josefsberg

There’s no reason you need to join a gym or take classes to get exercise because walking is a great exercise and it’s free!  When we bought our house, I insisted it be within walking distance to my sons’ school and my train to work. My math-smart son, Cooper, got interested in the distance of our walks to and from school everyday and started to add up our miles. We measured that it was half a mile from our house to the school. That may not seem like much but at the end of the week it added up to five miles a week!

6.Don’t Exercise (Just Get Less Sedentary)

“Exercise” is a word that turns a lot of people off, so let’s say “less sedentary” instead! Examine your active life and find out what you would be willing to incorporate to make yourself less sedentary. Understand that today’s world is all about survival of the fitness. Literally!

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