Planning For Weight Loss Success

13 Oct Planning For Weight Loss Success

When losing weight, planning isn’t as painful a process you might make it out to be. You have to uncover why you’re not already doing it, then figure out your individual planning style. Even if you’re more of a “wing it” type of person, you can learn how to make your own perspective on planning work for you.

Planning for weight loss success - Liz Josfesberg

Planning breeds success when it comes to weight loss because it makes it easier to follow a healthy lifestyle. For example, I’ve learned I generally breeze through my day when I get enough sleep, drink enough water, eat well, don’t drink, get my exercise in first thing and pack my lunch. I don’t struggle, have cravings, stress, or negotiate with myself. I call this the building block principal. You also have an array of things you can discover about yourself that you can build on to have a solid day free of temptation.

The first thing you need to do is figure out your planning style. One style is the Pre-Planner. If you like to plan your entire week the Sunday before, chances are you’re a pre-planner. Your grocery list is based on what you’re planning to eat the coming week and you probably look up menus prior to going to a restaurant. You’re great at controlling what comes your way, but you need to be flexible when unforeseen things pop up. There is also the In-The-Moment Planner. You have more of a “go with the flow” mantra which is helpful because it allows you to assess each situation on the fly. If you’re this type of planner, it’s important you feel secure and know what you’re doing. Then there is the Adjust-It-Later Planner. You’re the person who knows you’re going all out at brunch so you adjust the rest of the day to accommodate it.

Planning for weight loss success - Liz Josefsberg

With any planning style, you need to know what happens when you’re not on the route you planned to be on. Don’t berate yourself for not sticking with the plan. Being flexible still allows you to get where you’re going and it may make you aware that the original plan was either too rigid or didn’t take into consideration the unexpected. Allow yourself to think about your weight loss journey in this open, fluid way. Be flexible but understand the importance of planning.

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