7 Steps to Winning the Weight Loss Mind Game

02 Nov 7 Steps to Winning the Weight Loss Mind Game

Real and lasting weight loss is not just about food or exercise. You’re smart enough to choose the apple over the candy bar. Weight loss is a mind game and it’s the thought process leading up to that choice that we need to focus on.

More than almost anything else, you have to get our outlook right. Stop the negative thoughts and feelings so you can unlock your true potential. I teach you how to modify your behaviors for lasting success starting with these 7 secrets for managing the mind game of weight loss!

1. Remove The Idea of a Beginning, Middle, and End

If you’re someone who’s lost weight and kept it off long-term, you know there’s no beginning, middle, or end. It’s a process of working on behaviors and leading yourself towards weight loss or weight maintenance. An important skill to learn is to adapt to your ever-changing life. Weight loss is just like the Whack-A-Mole game! Just as one mole goes down, another one pops right back up. The good news is you’ll get better, faster, and more agile over time.

2. Figure Out If You’re an Emotional Eater 

You might think emotional eating mean turning to food when you’re upset, but this isn’t always the case. Find out if you’re an emotional eater by stopping and thinking about why you’re eating something. Are you actually hungry? Maybe you’re bored or stressed and you didn’t realize until you forced yourself to stop and think about it.

3. Be Proud of Yourself Today

Aim to go to bed tonight proud of yourself and your choices today. If you’ve been set big, unrealistic long-term goals that leave you disappointed at the end of the day, try setting short-term, achievable goals. I call this lowering the bar because you’re setting yourself up for success! Create daily goals that are achievable but also a little bit challenging.

The right mindset for weight loss – Liz Josefsberg

4. Sidestep the Instant Gratification Quicksand

A huge reason why weight loss is such a mind game is because it’s the ultimate delayed gratification. Make the difficult decision now to say no to that donut. As a result, a few days or weeks down the line you’ll see the benefit of those good choices. I always joke donuts wouldn’t tempt me if I knew right after I ate one, that it would immediately show up on my booty for the whole world to see!

5. Decide it’s OK

One of the most potent ways to win this mind game is to simply be OK with where you’re at right now with weight loss. Don’t beat yourself up about not being further along. So, try to make peace with this journey as it plays out rather than being at war with how you think it should be going.

6. Rethink What “Freedom” Means

Feeling free and rebellious is a part of life. As a result, it’s understandable if you’re often rebellious with food, but I encourage you to learn and rebel in new ways. Release those feelings by joining mud runs and feel like a kid again. Let the laundry sit one more day and get to bed an hour earlier! It’s possible to rebel in the smallest of ways and still have your needs met.

7. Aim for a B+

Are you going for an A+ in weight loss? Don’t. Aiming for 100% rarely works, in my experience it backfires. That’s because you can only be perfect for a limited amount of time. I would rather you aim for 75% to 80%. Work hard enough to pass, but not so hard that you never see your friends or have a life. As a result, you’ll find winning this mind game even easier to win.

Win the weight loss mind game – Liz Josefsberg

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