What No One Tells You About Weight Loss

21 Dec What No One Tells You About Weight Loss

The truth about weight loss is that it takes some work. I have lost and kept off 65lbs, but not without a lot daily effort. I’m not telling you this and the other truths here to scare you off. Instead, I want to help open your eyes to the reality that putting work into the process isn’t off-putting… it’s amazing!

Here are 4 weight loss truths I really want you to know.

You are worth the work. Anything worth doing in this life requires true effort, and weight loss is a life course with serious benefits. When you commit to doing the work, you literally earn a degree in personal betterment along the way. How long the process takes is different for everyone and taking your time isn’t necessarily a negative thing.

Know that the truth is empowering. Discovering what you’re doing that’s not helping you reach your goals, and then working on changing that isn’t always comfortable. Knowing the truth about yourself and your habits is empowering! If you arm yourself with all the information you need, you make better decisions and focus your efforts on moving forward, not on beating yourself up for doing things “wrong.” Everything you do is another piece of information about yourself – nothing more, nothing less. Use it to inform what you do next and you’ll smooth out those occasional bumps on your path to success.

Patience is hard, but you can learn it. As you lose weight, you might be uncomfortable with the physical and emotional changes that occur. There’s a certain amount of discomfort when you choose to say no to yourself or others. There’s discomfort with carrying extra weight and with waiting for the changes to occur. Plus, it’s uncomfortable unraveling and changing long-standing habits.

Have you discovered the magic of weight loss support?

Patience is said to be a virtue and now I know why! The definition of patience is “to endure discomfort without negativity.” You can easily endure being uncomfortable, but can you do it without being negative? Impatience and negativity can stand in the way of weight loss, it did for me many times. I lost weight but felt mad about it because I felt like I was the odd one out, always watching what I ate while everyone else could do what they wanted. I still battle with that some days, but learning this definition has helped me immeasurably.

Gratitude is a game changer. The simple act of seeding and cultivating gratitude can change the course of your day, which can ultimately affect how you feel about the weight loss process. When I’m feeling down, I release my frustrations by thinking about what I’m grateful for. For instance, the other day I was getting worked up because I was stuck in traffic on my way to work. When I stopped to realize the traffic was a result of an accident, I was suddenly grateful it wasn’t me, that I had a full tank of gas, my kids weren’t in the car, and things would be okay if I was a few minutes late. The more I work at being grateful, the more easily it comes to me. Practice it and you’ll feel its great benefits, too.

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