Discover the Magic of Weight Loss Support

24 Feb Discover the Magic of Weight Loss Support

Until the day I discovered the magic of getting support, believe me when I say my life was literally a broken record of failed weight loss attempts. You name it, I tried most every diet program over the years. It took awhile for me to realize the magic I was missing was the support. Each of these diet systems were programs with rules to follow. I never took advantage of the support system they offered.  Plus, living inside my head was not serving me well. My failures seemed epic and I was pretty certain I was broken. It was painful and difficult, but I’m here to tell you that you need a support system if you want to succeed!

Research proves the people we spend time with highly influences our waistline. Studies show your chances of becoming obese increase by 57% if you have a friend that becomes obese.  If you include the important people in your life as a part of your weight loss process, you are more likely to succeed!  An added bonus is it can result in better health for your friends and family, as well.

What I see from clients and know of my own experience is this conversation needs to change. Many of us suffer in silence. Those who care about us don’t know how to open a conversation about weight loss in a way that won’t seem offensive. Sometimes we don’t want to talk about it because we’ve failed at losing weight in the past. We don’t want to tell anyone anything about our weight loss journey until we feel we’re really going to succeed. This is a huge problem because accountability and support are two of the main things that actually work. How we have these conversations is crucial.

Challenge yourself to learn both the skill of asking for help, and how to not shut down when friends and family offer their help. These skills are actually habits! Habits influence everything in our lives, sometimes without even realizing it. We also now know how to put those new skills to work. Find your support and begin to ask for help! Suffering in silence without sharing yourself fully with those around you will never work. When we finally open the conversation about wanting a better life, a healthier life, in the right way, walls come down.

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