How to Stop Your Negative Self-Talk

10 Mar How to Stop Your Negative Self-Talk

Negative self-talk and the PLOM’s. I’ve found these are the two things that pull people away from weight loss success more than almost anything.

You’re probably aware by now that negative self-talk is that horrible, broken record playing in the background of your life. Just like when you’re in the car with a friend with the radio on.  You’re talking, and you don’t really notice the background noise. But, if you choose to tune in to it, it’s there.

I help my clients tune in to that broken record, that is, your thoughts. If you struggle with your weight, there’s a good chance you can be pretty mean to yourself when it comes to self-talk. You may not even realize you’re doing it. Maybe you compare yourself to others and put down your progress. Or, you undermine your weight loss efforts with cruel thoughts of past failures. Do you simply hear things that aren’t being said?  For example, you assume other people are thinking the worst about you, so you’ll just say the hurtful, mean things they’re thinking to get them out there.


My mom came up with the acronym PLOMs, which stands for “The Poor Little Old Me’s”.  The PLOM’s are just another version of negative self-talk. Feeling sorry for yourself, focusing only on the things you “can’t” have.  You feel deprived of getting everything you want. 

Listening to these underlying messages, that background noise, all day is grueling. They eat away at any momentum or positivity you may feel. They trick you into quitting because you begin to believe there’s no use in trying anyway. You tell yourself why bother since you’ve failed in the past, or have too far to go anyway. Getting support helps immensely!

You must find the balance of saying “yes” to yourself, and “no” at others. Being in a group or talking openly about these feelings with friends and family takes the wind out of them. A group can help hold you accountable with a little tough love by pointing out when you’re letting the negative self-talk and PLOM’s overcome you. Left alone with these thoughts, they become all powerful. With support they fade.

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