Liz Josefsberg’s Word of Lizdom

12 Aug 5 Best Ways to Leave Bad Habits Behind

You've probably heard me say before that the secret to real and lasting weight loss is changing habits. Specifically, habits that no longer serve you or keep you from accomplishing your weight loss goals. You see, habits are long-standing, learned behaviors that have less to...

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27 Jul 3 Steps to Ending Negative Self Talk Forever

Sometimes I wonder how anyone gathers the courage to try at all to change a behavior or lose weight. The negative messages we send ourselves literally weigh us down; it’s like carrying a backpack of giant rocks, with the rocks being all the things we...

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22 Jul Defy the Temptation Odds

I recently had to shop for underwear. Always fun, right? As I grabbed what I needed and headed to the sale counter, I was faced with an array of chocolate bars. I thought, “What on earth is chocolate doing in the underwear department?” Then I...

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